Global Ethics Day 2021

Together, let’s work to empower ethics. Global Ethics Day takes place on the third Wednesday of every October, landing on October 20 in 2021.

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Please let us know how you plan to participate, and we’ll list them here.

As part of this year’s celebrations, Carnegie Council hosted a special virtual event to hear directly from those fighting on the frontlines to uphold and strengthen democracy.

Students at IIE MSA Campus (South Africa) celebrate Global Ethics Day 2020.

Featured 2021 Participants

Your Plans and Ideas

“University of California, San Diego will be hosting two virtual events for Global Ethics Day 2021. ‘Kidney to Share‘ will cover medical ethics and ‘Diverse & Inclusive Leadership in Supply Chain‘ will have speakers sharing their career and leadership experiences, including the initiatives that the companies are taking to promote diversity and inclusion.” — Diana, University of California, San DIego

“There are new technologies today and artificial intelligence (AI) ethics is a key policy topic. This Global Ethics Day I wanted to share several scenarios about all of us shaping AI ethics as citizens, shaping government policy, and ask you for your views and responses to questions about AI in each scenario. Click here to share your thoughts on eight different AI ethics scenarios.” — Marita, Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage, Government of Ireland

“The Aktiffelsefe Cultural Association believes that if we study the best part of the past through history, we can build a better and more ethical future. For Global Ethics Day, we are hosting a webinar on the theme, ‘The Ethics System built by Ahi Evran,’ founder of the Ahi-order in 12th century Antolia.” — Nur Karen, The Aktiffelsefe Cultural Association

“For Global Ethics Day 2021, the School of Business at Linfield University will be hosting  a series of day-long events which will include a panel discussion on ethical hacking, screening of a movie that highlights the moral issues associated with the global financial system, and a student competition.” — Gayatree, Linfield University School of Business

“This year at American High School/European School in Tbilisi, Georgia, I am organizing a student poster conference titled ‘Education Empowers Future Leaders: Thinking Ethically, Acting Globally.’ During this conference students will discuss the most pressing ethical issues and ask, what does a more ethical world look like?” — Mariam, American High School Program at European School

“For Global Ethics Day 2021, the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA) will be hosting a virtual panel discussion on Zoom, with livestreaming on LinkedIn and YouTube. The event will bring together IESBA members from diverse backgrounds to share views on ethics and how ethical leadership can guide the accountancy profession through an increasingly complex world.” — Dave, International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants

“This year we will be hosting the 2021 Ethics Challenge, with over 100 students participating! The event aims to demonstrate the importance of strong ethics for tomorrow’s professionals, increase awareness of real-world ethical dilemmas, and prepare students on how to handle them.” — Alina, CFA Society Ukraine

“For Global Ethics Day 2021 we will be hosting ethics contests, planting trees, executing cleanliness campaigns, reducing plastic at the company cafeteria, and digitizing processes to reduce paper dependency.” — Sana, Jazz Pakistan

“Since we are in a pandemic and working from home, we deemed it best to invite staff to send us video clips sharing their stories on what respect and ethics mean to them. We aim to produce a video from these stories to help inspire members of the organization and highlight that transparency, integrity, and honesty are the best foundations of sustainable relationships.” — Sharon, Asian Development Bank (ADB)

“On Global Ethics Day 2021, The Atkins Center for Ethics will be hosting a hybrid in person and online event, ‘Tyler Shultz: The Theranos Whistleblower.’ Shultz will be recounting his experiences as he navigated complex ethical, regulatory, legal, and personal dilemmas as he exposed corporate fraud.” — Justin, The Atkins Center for Ethics at Carlow University

“We will be hosting a full day of ethics activities across our footprint in Africa and the Middle East. Our objectives are to encourage MTNers to take action and ownership of ethical conduct; reinforce different ways to report unethical behavior; and embed trust through education.” — Johanna, MTN Group

“For Global Ethics Day 2021, we will be offering a bespoke ethics workshop for finance professionals in the Cayman Islands.” — Vanessa, Cayman Islands Institute of Professional Accountants

“Last year for Global Ethics Day, the BYU Management Society, Salt Lake City Chapter hosted the sixth annual Moral & Ethical Leadership Conference. We will be hosting the seventh annual conference this year!” — Kristina, BYU Management Society, Salt Lake City Chapter

Global Ethics Day at Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs (New York).
Global Ethics Day at IIE MSA Campus (South Africa).
Global Ethics Day poster from Vasile Goldis Western University of Arad, Romania.